Thursday, March 12, 2015


When i go to my sister's...i take my sewing machine with me. no sense wasting time in the evenings...right?  haha   you can only play so many computer games before that gets old. and we are not the going out and partying type, i sew and she does her crafts...either knitting or crocheting or sewing.  we sound like a couple of old ladies....which, i guess, is what we are. sigh!

These are machine embroidered heart blocks that were done several years ago....can't find a date. but the top was pieced March 7, 2015.


Most of the hearts are applique with different fabrics that i was trying to use up. this one is a copper metallic fabric. it's kind of can feel the metal feel in the fabric but it is still sew-able. 


This one is some thin fabrics that i had.

thin fabrics.jpg



Eyelet lace heart

eyelet lace.jpg

Light purple velour


Machine embroidery cat on a red cotton heart

emb cat.jpg

Red cotton


Lace heart with embroidered bear

lace heart emb bear.jpg

Satin heart


Another purple velour...this one with sparkles

velour with sprakles.jpg

Cotton fabric

cotton 2.jpg

And a sheer fabric


I used pinks, purples and red for the hearts and embroidery, so used pink, purple and red for the sashings and border.  The top is 46x58"  I always think if i used different textures for the applique that children will like the different feels.

Now it's off to the TBQ cabinet to marinate for a while.

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