Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby quilt all finished...awaiting a baby girl

Some friends of ours are expecting a baby girl the end of April. i have the quilt all ready.

Sure hope babies really like bright colors because this one is definitely bright. perhaps i should send baby sunglasses, too. LOL

The fabrics came in a kit that i got some time ago and never put together. they seemed just perfect for this baby when i make the other pattern i will need to find different fabric.

The backing is from Wilma's sale at    ....she has a sale a couple times a year to clear out end of bolt pieces. these fabrics are 108" wide and various lengths. i love that sale. gives me the opportunity to get lots of backing fabrics for my smaller quilts without have to piece fabrics. she calls them FatBacks....perhaps you have heard of them. you get 3 1/4 yd for a 3 yd price. Wilma is the best!!

I used a King Tut bright variegated thread for the top but it doesn't really show....but it was an opportunity to use up some thread that might be hard to use otherwise. and i used the Baptist Fan template from  for the quilting pattern. gotta love the Quiltazoid folks...Adam and Linda. they are so friendly and helpful.

Yeah....i know....i have it upside down. too lazy to turn it before snapping the pics. i guess you could stand on your head. LOL

Unless they get a surprise and pop out a boy....i am ready for the baby to be born.....i imagine Kelly is more than ready, too.  and big sister, Abby, is probably beside herself waiting for a playmate.

Perhaps i need to have a boy quilt ready, too.....just in case.

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Vicki W said...

That turned out really cute!

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