Monday, March 14, 2011

Reinventing the rug

OK....the tshirt rug wasn't working for me the way it was. i don't know why i didn't figure that out some time ago. i already used 5 shirts and it was a fight all the way. i cut the tshirts at 1.5 inches and finally figured out that was just too thick. the crochet hook was more than 1/2" thick for pete's sake. so i ripped it all out to start over. i cut a couple more tshirts at 3/4 inch...that seems to work much better. i could use a smaller crochet hook and it didn't hurt my hands as much.

Here's what i have so far...4 shirts worth...36 inches wide and about 6 inches long. now i get 2 or 2 1/2 rows per shirt...much better.

Here a closer view.

I'm using double crochet is nice and soft and feels good to step on. no wonder dogs and cats like to lay on your clothes...they are soft. LOL

Oh, and the 5 shirts that i ripped out....well, i am cutting those in half....after all....3/4" is half of 1 1/2" so i couldn't just throw those shirts away. it is very comical to try and cut down the middle of about 40 feet of tshirt that is all curled up. and it makes lots and lots of fuzzies that are now all over the house...and all over me...and the chair...and the floor....sigh!! 

But my rug is gonna be pretty and i'm gonna love it cause i made it myself and the Duck is gonna love it because it will give it some pretty, too.


sam said...

You go girl !!

MaryAnn said...

You are crazy, but I love you!!

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