Friday, March 11, 2011

Last night's progress....until 2am....LOL

When you stay up till 2am you get a lot accomplished. and it is fun.....until your dog wakes you up at 7:30 so she can go outside and chase things.

Last night i worked on my cross stitching some. it has been a week since the last progress picture so i thought i would show you where i am with this. i haven't worked on it EVERY night this last week...but most nights.

It's coming along nicely. clouds are partially filled in and some of the house is done. i find i like it much better since i did the outline stitching first. much less counting to fill in the parts.

And you know i had to start that tshirt yarn crocheted rug didn't you. i'm just obsessive like that. here are my last 16 tshirt purchases from 2 thrift stores in town a few days ago. i cut up 3 or 4 of them yesterday.

Seem to be a lot of orange/gold and dark blue in there. i might not cut that white one yet and give it some dye...perhaps the light gray one, too.

So i took 2 balls of yarn to the house last night and 2 different crochet hooks to try them out. it is sort of a struggle to crochet with these huge hooks. the smaller hook was too tight and the rug felt really hard. so i pulled that out and tried the super large hook. i haven't crocheted in a very long time...i remembered the chain stitch and single crochet stitch. but wanted it to go i tried double crochet...but i kept thinking it wasn't right. so i had to go online to find a video on how to do a double crochet. sure enough...what i was doing was not correct. but here it is so far.

This is 2 tshirts is 38" wide (rug-wise) and about 3" long. long way to go...hahahahaha  the blue is the first chain, a row of single crochet and then a row of what i thought was double crochet. i started a new row once i relearned the double is as wide as the other 2 rows. i didn't want to pull the blue out and start all over so i just left it. i'm ok with that.

When i started the chain....i thought it was about 24" long. i just eye-balled it. i was very surprised when i measured it this morning and found it was 38". i am usually pretty good at eye balling measurements. apparantly not this time. perhaps it stretched somewhat while i was working on it....that's my story and i'm sticking to it. i think it will all be double crochet. it goes quicker and looks good. it is soft to the touch yet a bit heavy. i think it will be pretty cushy to step on. it will be the duck's first fabric accessory. LOL

And on the quilting side of my brain...while perusing blogs this morning i found a quick quilt top that i liked made from 2 jelly rolls. the part that caught my eye was .... "what is 1600 inches long when it starts and finishes at 48" x 64"?".   gotta give this a try. this morning....right after finishing this blog. it's calling me. LOL

Looks really simple and fun. they say one lady finished her top in 35 minutes. don't know about that...she must be an Indy 500 sewer. but i figure i can spare a couple hours on it. i have 2 packages of Bali Pops to use...Mint Chip and Mocha Mint. i have had these for a bit and pick them up every once in a while to use on something and then put them back. i wanted to use all of it together. this pattern is perfect for that.

OK...can't chat any more....things to do.


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