Sunday, March 6, 2011

From the bowels of my closet...

4 more tshirts gave up their life so i could craft....hahahahahahahahaa

You know i just couldn't get the idea of the tshirt yarn out of my head. i thought of it as i went to sleep last night. the first thought in my head this morning was...i'll bet i can find some tshirts to use in my closet. so i went a searchin'....and found 4 'volunteers'. LOL

I am all excited about this. this one is more a yellowish-gold than the picture shows....weird.  all cut up

This one is all pulled and ready to roll.

Here we go.....5 balls ready to crochet.

Oh....i have to go on the search for a fat crochet hook...sure hope i have one.

Just a thought....dare i look in hubby's closet? hahahahahaha    wonder if he'd notice. to myself.....i can't start these right now.....i have to finish March's quilting obligations....they have to wait till the end of the month....put those back....forget about it till later.

I believe Tuesday i will go to town and check out our thrift stores...we have a couple stores and shirts are really, really cheap. bet i can score some tshirts. it's a plan.

Don't even look at those can't do that till the end of the month....put THAT DOWN!!!


sam said...

What a beautiful rug these will make! Just look at how bright and cheerful they are ... and deeeeeeeelicious!

MaryAnn said...

They look like pretty Easter eggs! You sound like me talking to myself!

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