Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More demolition...my sister's contribution

My sis came out to the Duck with me and helped me out for a couple hours. she was working in the studio area...next to the room where i was. man, pulling down that plaster off the walls makes a LOT of airborne dust. when warmer weather gets here we will be able to open windows and put some fans in the windows to blow some of that stuff out.

She had started this a bit the last time we were here so she just continued on. at first she was just knocking off the plaster but i told her the lath had to come down, too...so she went back and pulled the boards off. that lovely milk crate is her stool to sit on. i think i need to make her a cushion. LOL

she got quite a bit accomplished ....from the floor up to about 5 foot...all the way around from the pocket door to the first of the windows.

There on the right you see the white and green pocket door...yeah, someone only painted part of it. the wall on the left side is an outside wall. she hasn't pulled the lath off there yet because there is blown in insulaton behind it and it will go everywhere even worse than the plaster dust. i may have to have some plastic 'curtains' in the doorways to contain that when we get around to removing it.

There was treasure found. the pocket door was moving rather sluggishly. the reason for that was all the crap that was in the wall. so kid(s) had to have been throwing stuff behind there. or things just dropped on the floor and got sucked in when the door was opened/closed. i am assuming that they only painted part of it because that is all they could reach or all the door could open at that point. i am constantly amazed at stupid things that people do. i shouldn't be amazed...i've lived over 60 years....and seen a LOT. LOL

Here's the treasure......there was over a dozen CDs....music and games. see that envelope at the top of the picture...it has a 1 cent stamp on it....that's been in there a LONG time. and there was a school picture of a little boy...that one only from 2007.

My sis keeps saying we are going to find someone's treasure that they buried one day. well, she found some of it here.......51 cents worth.....in the pocket door wall.

When we were here last i picked coins out of the furnace ducts in every room. there was over a dollar of pennies...with a quarter and a couple dimes and nickels. i found a pint canning jar in the kitchen and we are throwing the booty in there. there is a Pizza Hut across the alley from me. eventually we'll have enough for lunch. LOL  can you just see us going over there for lunch.....all dust covered and dirty....and going to pay...dumping out our jar o'coins .... hahahahahaha  we would probably be banned from Pizza Hut. we went over there on sunday to eat when we were finished working. i was pretty gross/disgusting looking from all the work. i keep forgetting to use my work shirt trick. you work in your shirt inside out....then if you want to go eat...just take it off and turn it right side out.....no gross stuff showing. of course, it is now all INSIDE your shirt...but, hey....you're gonna take a shower anyway.

My sister worked here at the duck for a bit and then went over to the beast so she could do some stripping in the upstairs bathroom. she came back saying she didn't know if she preferred the fumes from the paint stripper at her place or the dust from the plaster removal at my place. Toss Up!!

This is why i love demolition. you find treasure!!  LOL  the basement is FULL of crap treasure. the kitchen cabinets have pots and lids and other goodies left in there. who knows what we mind find!

Can hardly wait to go back.

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