Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am NOT a designer.....hahahahahaha

I really like the concept of the jelly roll quilts....with sewing all the strips together into one and then folding and stitching them....that goes so fast.  i wanted to do i got out the neutral fabrics left over from the wedding quilt and threw in a few more fabrics. not all of them were width of fabric pieces. where i could...i cut WOF....otherwise i just cut what i could. i still cut approximately 40 strips....just some of them might be 2 smaller pieces to make up the whole strip. when i put it all together...this is what i got.

It turned out ok...but...all the 'darker' neutrals seem to have landed on the right hand side....don't know HOW that happened.  and seams are closer together than i like. i guess that is what you get when you don't use a true jelly roll or cut all your fabrics to WOF.

I still pretty much like it...but learned a lesson about cutting strips. i used this wild stripe that i had for a border and it seemed to work out really well. it has some shiny gold in there. LOL i am piecing this neutral top i got to thinking....not always a good thing with me.     what if i cut out more fabrics and use a bunch of kid fabrics.....just mix them all up.....but maybe cut them 4 inches instead of 2.5".  wonder what would happen.

So i looked on the shelves for kid fabric....most of it was baby stuff and different colors and different values. but i seemed to have more blues and pinks than other stuff. so i separated the blues and pinks and decided to cut the pinks. well,  i only really had 4 different pink kid fabrics. another lesson learned  .... (that i really KNEW....just sort of ignored) need MORE than 4 different fabrics.

Again...i sort of ignored the WOF rule and cut willy-nilly. but all the same kind sort of wound up together....which i guess is what you get when you only have 4 fabrics. and when i was done stitching it together it was like 54"x86"....not a good size.

So i decided to cut that part in me 2 pieces at 43x54....better. then i put carousel horses on for has pink and the other has white. don't know why i have all these carousel horses.

So, i think i may be done with this technique for a while...LOL   you almost have to cut need LOTS of different fabrics. or just buy a damn jelly roll and don't be so cheap. (but i gotta stashbust.....talking to myself here.)

So, there i am....2 more kid donation quilts. hell, they aren't even cute. i hope i don't scar some poor kid for life.

They may have to marinate in the 'to be quilted' cabinet for a long, long time.

After all this madness i went back to quilting on the customer quilt that is on the frame. i finally figured out what to do and it is looking good. will probably just work on that tomorrow and stay out of trouble.

So, time to go back to the house and have dinner...i'm hungry. then another evening of cross-stitching on that Amish picture. it is coming along slowly.

Have you tried the jelly roll technique? did you like it?

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