Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yesterday revisited

Ahhh...yesterday.  today it is just a distant memory....well, almost. i DO remember how tired i was. LOL

But i did you a disservice by not sharing pictures of what i had i have come to apologize for that and make it up to you with pics today of the fruits of my labor.

I quilted 2 of these small quilts together with pottery blocks and Indian women fabric on top and bottom

They are about 45x60....the backing looks like this....binding will be the backing fabric.

Then i did another with the same pottery blocks but put a different Indian fabric on the top and bottom and it got a bit larger.

The backing on this one is a salmon colored fabric with bits of color that reminds me of an aztec type design.

Then there was a beach was larger...with more blocks..about 50x70.  this one has the same backing as the one above...they were quilted together.

There were Victorian Santas that i never figured out what to do they all stayed together and became a kids quilt.

It was about 50x60 and the back was just a red that i had on hand...nothing whatsoever to do with santas. and this one got quilted by itself.

Country kids like here is one for them.

Quite a bright green in those corners....but it matches the grass inside the blocks. the back of this one got a flannel with camping signs...seemed appropriate.

That one got quilted by itself, too. there didn't seem to be anything else to go with it that i could quilt 2 at a time. and i couldn't resist this for the binding. LOL

And, finally, 2 of these kitties...both just alike...quilted together.  about 40x50

The backs are a green partial FatBack from Wilma at  

So, there you are....proof that i actually worked yesterday. LOL but now the binding pile is huge once again. well, they won't get any binding on them today. i have other plans for today.

These were all quilted with a large meander that went very quickly. from the time i got them loaded till i took them off was about an hour for each set. it took longer to load than it did to quilt. and i used lots of batting sections, too. between the tops, backs and bindings i used up 20.5 yards of fabric....not bad for a day's work.

On to more much fun as the law allows.

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