Friday, March 4, 2011

I need closets at the Duck

The Duck was built in 1920. when you find a house that old they usually don't have many closets...if they have any at all. the Duck is no exception.

Someone built a "closet" between 2 walls....about 2 foot wide....with a door on each end...opening into each room. it sucks and it is ugly. i THINK they built out the wall on the bedroom side since it is right next to the window. so that wall is coming down again. and i will close up the doorway on the other the office area.

So, after i do that...there are NO closets in the house. nope...not a one. of course, not counting that stupid metal pole that was put up from wall to wall in the back room that i took down last week.

A girl needs closets. have you heard of Easy Closets?  go check them out...     i am sort of enamored of them. i have built 3 different closets online with their design is way FUN. closet and storage for any room in your house...including the garage. 

But i had questions that weren't answered on the site. mainly, what are they made of. the closets that i designed are rather pricey....almost $3K for the go all across the wall. so i sent for a sample package. They are 3/4" thick but are made of pressed wood.

I like that really dark one on the bottom. the stock color is you pay extra for another color and pay for different drawer fronts...and different hardware...and so forth. i am ok with that. and you install it yourself....i am ok with that, too. i have put furniture together before. they do put the drawers together for you.

They send you a lovely book with lots of pretty pictures....i might want them all. LOL

I don't want a lot of hanging space...perhaps just for coats. i am looking more for drawers and shelfs. or areas with doors. i do love these drawers.

And i like this piece with the doors.

Now you can go online and read the endorsements from people who bought them. but i am always suspect of those. they all read the same....were they actually written by customers or the marketing department.

I might have to try a small one in the bathroom first and then decide from there. i have built my own closets at the farm....two in the bedroom, one in the tv room and a pantry for the kitchen. so i can go that way, too.

I have questions for you.
...have you ever used Easy Closets?
...what do you REALLY think of them?
...have you tried to paint them? long have you had them?
...would you buy them again?
...did you install them yourself...was it as easy as they say?

I need to talk with someone who actually has them. thank you for any input you can give me.

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