Friday, March 18, 2011

Bali Pops Jelly Roll quilted

Remember last friday i showed you the Bali Pops top that i pieced in a few hours with 2 jelly rolls. well, yesterday i decided to quilt it. that didn't take too long, either. i used a pattern from my friends at Quiltazoid and it turned out just lovely.

Here's a closer shot

The backing was a 2 yard piece of batik backing that i bought at a show somewhere...probably 3 or 4 years ago. i finally decided to quit saving it and use it.

And a closer shot of the back.

This morning i quilted up 2 kid size quilts with tractors on them. i loaded 2 on one backing and batting and did them both at once. they were the same kind and same size so that went quickly.  2 more on the 'to have binding' pile.

And i got all the blocks put together for the wedding quilt that is due next month. good thing i hung it on the wall to take a final look at it before adding borders...yep, 1 block was turned the wrong had to take it out and turn it. a pain to do but better to find it now than when quilting.

Am still playing with the Cabin Cats fabrics. here is a sneak peek at #3.

Yep,,,,it's gonna be a log cabin quilt. with the pictures in the middle i don't really want to turn the blocks to create some fabulous design with the light and dark sides so i guess it will just be a 'plain' setting. but, that's ok, too. they can't all be fabulous, right?

Right now i am going to cheat and do Cabin Cats #4 (on the longarm) before finishing up #3. it's calling to me and i can't resist.

Hubby is off today doing a good deed for a friend and then will feed hisself before coming home this i have the whole day to myself and don't have to worry about what time i leave the studio or any food preparation....yippee!!.......i'm off to play.


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Vicki W said...

Youa re amazing!

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