Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cabin Cats #2 Take 5 top finished

I am on a roll....the Take 5 Cabin Cats top is pieced. another quickie. I sorta, kinda planned the placement of the Take 5 block piecing.

I just HAD TO put those scenes together in the middle

 and the blue blocks in the corners.

then i put the large blocks around the edges and the rest just wherever. of course, it is set 4x5 blocks so there isn't a true 'center' but it works ok. got a 2" striped border in there and then the cute last 6" border. i haven't used that last border fabric yet but it works well as a border. and the borders turn out so much better if i measure before attaching...LOL

I think i will do some log cabin blocks....what better for Cabin Cats...right?.....and use those blocks in that final border for the center of the log cabins.

This one turned out 62 x 75" and used 6.25 yards for the top and binding. i have several more designs rattling around up there in the old noggin and can hardly wait to start then. but i MUST work on the quilt on the frame. i finally figured out what to do next last night and better go do it before i forget it.

On another note....i crocheted about 4 shirts onto the rug last night and now the first finger on my left hand is killing me and swollen....so i need to rest that for a couple days before moving on. but the rug is about 12 inches now and coming along nicely.

Back to work...see ya later.

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sam said...

I love this one!! Take 5 can be so cool when done with the right fabrics. Score one for you, Shirley!!

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