Thursday, November 6, 2014

Birds in the Field

More Aunt Sophie blocks....this time hand embroidered birds. there was an odd amount of blocks so i had to get out EQ to figure out a setting.

It is 48" square. there is a flowery/feathery thing quilted in the border.

I just did SID around all the pieces...and around the birds. and an echo around the birds, too.

Cream thread top and bottom. Both Bottom Line....which i figured out later is why it was so hard to see the thread. usually i use Glide for the top and it has a sheen. picked up the wrong cone of thread.

Too bad it doesn't have the name of the birds on the blocks.

I threw some feathers in the plain triangular blocks.

The backing is another Aunt Sophie piece of fabric. i suspect this might have been a sheet in its former life.

Can now count one more done and out of the cabinet.  we are moving right along with the mission.

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Vicki W said...

You are really rolling on these!

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