Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Buttons

Here is today's quilt.  it took longer than i wanted it to.  i went home for lunch and hubby decided it was time to plow up the garden. my job is to walk behind the plow and throw out the rocks. i only found a couple rocks....but found 20 more sweet potatoes and 1 red potato. i knew i probably missed a few of them. so that took 2 hours of my day.

But i still got this done.  Machine embroidery and buttons added later.

Pieced January 29, 2013

Quilted November 7, 2014

Cream border and marroon blocks are flannel

All embroidery got SID and 3 echoes. SID around the blocks.

Glide lime green on top

Dark forest green in So Fine in bobbin

Snowballs for sale

I think they could have designed the snowflake a little better

Red blocks got a Quiltazoid design. i had to work at that....been too long since i have played with it...had to get out the directions.

After i had loaded the quilt.....did the SID around the blocks....and sewed the edges down...THEN...i noticed the top, bottom and right side had 3 borders and the left side had only 2 borders. WTH??  i have no idea what happened there. i had no more fabric to add a border, so, after quilting,  i cut off one border on the right side so the sides would match. good enough. hahaha

Back is a flannel, too

No quilting shows...but here's a closer pic.

OK, now that you are used to seeing a quilt (or two) every day.....i have to disappoint you tomorrow. there is an auction in town and we are going. so, just rest up tomorrow....or quilt one of your tops. i'll try to get back in the swing of things on Sunday.

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