Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Color Love

I am interrupting this run of quilting for a bit. 

I KNOW not to open emails from quilting places. but it is hard to just throw the Keepsake Quilting catalog into the trash without opening it and drooling some.

I saw this....oohhhh, i want to do that....BUT it's a block of the month...$65 per month for 6 months....or buy the kit for $300.  Uummm...i don't think so.


So, out came the graph paper and colored pencils.....and brain work and head scratching.  here is a quarter of it.

drawn pattern.jpg

Then into EQ to draw out the blocks and figure out how they go.

The center star...12"


There will be some of these...4"


A bunch of these...4"


A few of these...4"


And some of these...6"

star with corners.jpg

So far, i have this much done......and a whole lot of tiny pieces cut out, too.

so far.jpg

There are 4 applique pieces around the center....6x12"; and some blocks that are 4x6".

It will all come together somehow....i hope.

I'll probably play with it for a few days and then get back to UFOs and quilting. 

Sigh......i am so weak. hahaha

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