Friday, November 21, 2014

More alphabetizing

Well, i was at the Duck for 4 days but didn't do a blessed thing there. oh, i unloaded the stuff that i took down there. walked through the house and checked on things. is cold in here. left and went to the Beast. at least she has heat. haha    i did that twice. not one nail hammered at the Duck....not one bit of paint brushed on. it was just too dang cold.

But....i did work....only it was work at the Beast....for my sister.

She is working on more book shelves in the sunroom for the continuation of the library project. 

So, i pulled K and L books and alphabetized them. they are piled on the floor in the library...around the walls...awaiting shelves in the sunroom.

They continue around the corner...

And down to the next corner

Then i pulled the Ms and Ns.  the Mcs, Macs and Mas are all on the dining room table. 

The rest went stacked up next to the wall in the dining room.

That should keep her busy for a bit. 

Don't know when i will get down there again....depends on the weather. i'm a sissy in the cold. 

I did take my sewing machine with me and made  about a dozen crumb blocks. i am doing them in colors now....all orange...all red...all green, etc.  have about 50 finished all together.  just 450 more until it becomes a quilt.  that will be my 3rd crumb quilt....might be the last one. 

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