Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lauren Burch's Wild Horses panel

I had forgotten i had this one. and it wasn't pieced that long ago....on January 17, 2013.  quilted on November 5, 2014.  

Quilting doesn't show much. i used a panto on this one...Plush by Lorien Quilting.

Glide light olive thread on the top; dark green Bottom Line in the bobbin

It is 42 x 58"    i think this is my last Lauren Burch fabric

And a wild back for this one. 

I don't have much of this left either...just a few small pieces.

But, it's another one out of the quilting cabinet. i think that might be #7 since i started this quilting marathon. only 80-something to go. hahahahaaha

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