Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nickel and Dime

I love going to quilt class.  but i am going to blame this little sidetrack on my friend, Mary...who teaches the class. she keeps showing us stuff....and i want to do it. haha

This is another little raggedy quilt....called Nickel and Dime. i think i have seen it before....somewhere.

Anyway, you place a 10" square down.....put a 5" square in the middle of it....right sides up on both.  sew all around the 5" square.


Then cut it in half....both ways.  make a whole bunch of them.


Then sew them back together....mixing them all up.


I think i made 35 of them last night. they go really fast. want to make 35 more tonight....guess i better get on it. 

She showed us another little jewel, too. i'll share that one in a day or two....it is genius.

Now go make some of these....you know you want to.  quick Christmas gift.

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