Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let's go to the Circus

Another top quilted up today. it was an applique design that was done on the embroidery machine.

Top pieced January 15, 2013.....quilting finished today.  only took a couple years.  one more out of the cabinet.

Used a silvery/gray on the top...Glide thread; gray in the bobbin, So Fine.

It's hard to see but the background fabric is a gray and white stripe.

I know some kids don't like clowns but i thought these were so cute.

Just SID around the applique and a quick meander in the background.

2 inch cross hatching in the sashings and border.

Here is the back

A bit closer.

When i get a bunch of tops quilted they will go on eBay....if they don't sell...they will get donated somewhere.

I'm liking this..... finish a quilt in a day thing.....of course, how long might that last. hahaha

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