Thursday, November 13, 2014

X Box

This is UFO #28. i only had 1 block made but all the background squares were cut and a pile of selvages in the box. so, i started last night. Plan A was to make it queen size....110 blocks.  8" in size.  i made about 50 of them and said to myself.....i need a Plan B.

So, i cut it down to 63 blocks and it is now 56" x 82"...perfect couch size.  and it got all pieced and got a border. 

It was pretty simple and fast....just sew a selvage across one way and then the other way. 

Lots of browns cut up for backgrounds

Will probably get quilted with a panto....something swirly

This is the picture that i saw somewhere that started this madness. 

At least this UFO was fairly easy and fast. 

I had hubby give me another number for the next UFO....he chose #1....aaaccckkk!   that is a 3 star project. very time consuming. pattern and fabric is in the box....nothing cut out.....probably bought the fabric 3 or more years ago. guess i better go get started cutting up that fabric.

I am picking the next number. he picks all the hard ones. hahaha

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