Sunday, November 2, 2014

Three days work at the Duck

I thought i would get much more finished than i did. i guess my expectations were too high.

Kevin came and worked 2 days and got some drywall mudding finished.

He did the ceiling in the pantry; 2 walls on the enclosed front porch; the ceiling in the dressing room;  top half of the walls in the entryway....where i am gluing the barn wood boards; the office (first pass); and about half of the walls in the spare bedroom.

He's a young guy and does a pretty good job. i'm just happy he is doing the ceilings. 

The pantry is small and it went quickly...just 2 seams.

And these are the walls in the entryway...above my barn wood pieces. didn't take long to do that, either.

I got the walls painted the next day....after the mudding dried. i started with the wall that had the barn wood pieces on it and painted that wall the lightest color. then went left and painted each wall a darker all 4 walls are a different color.  after i painted them all.....i looked at them again and saw a couple spots that i missed. so, i touched them up. when i came back the next day.....the touched up spots did not match the original paint at all. i had used a new quart of paint....but they were supposed to be mixed the same....apparently not....soooo.....i painted all 4 walls all over again. that might be one reason it took me so long. hahaha

Then i spent my whole time gluing barn wood pieces to the walls. i got the wall finished that i intended to do. this is color #1. isn't it awesome? all the 4x4 chunks of wood fit just right....didn't have to cut any of them. it was a minor miracle. but they were different widths, so i just searched till i found the right combination to fill the space. a couple times the chunks were turned on their side to fit properly. but, if i hadn't told would never know. 

Then, i had cut, painted barn wood pieces left over. so, do i go higher or do the other corners the same. i opted for the other corners. so, paint those 2 corners with the black paint....wait for that to dry.....then glue more pieces on the corners. 

I had brought the pieces home to the farm to cut, sand and paint so they would be ready to install when i came back this time. but, once i decided to continue onto the other 2 corners....then i needed even more pieces. so, i had to take the time to cut, sand and paint more boards. and wait for them to dry overnight before i could glue them up. another time sucker.

Another electric plug to cut around. the door on the left leads out to the porch...the door on the right leads to the future bedroom. and the walls are color number 3 and 4.

This corner was much smaller so just got 1 piece on each side. and a light switch to cut around. left doorway leads to the future bedroom; blue door leads to the living room.  wall color #3 on left; #2 on right.

Here are a couple view of the 4x4 chunks. i love the dimension.

I love the colors.

I love everything about it. 

I am in love with this entryway. still have to do the floor, the trim, the doorways, paint that little table, etc. 

This corner has the crock that will hold canes, umbrellas and who knows what else.  

I so love this entryway. it might be my best idea ever. do i finish off the ceiling. it is just plywood....painted brown at this point. i need an idea. maybe paint a quilt design up there. i don't want to put up ceiling tiles. i need to think on that. 

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Vicki W said...

I agree. The entry is cool!

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