Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moroccan Pottery

This poor little quilt sat on the frame for a week....waiting for me to get back from the Duck to finish the borders.

It was pieced March 6, 2013 and quilted November 24, 2014.  seems like i pieced a lot of these last year. 

I think it might have been a panel that i took apart and re-sewed...not sure.


I just SID around the log cabin blocks and put an X in the middle.

log cabin.jpg

All the other blocks got stitching around the jars...  with something in the empty jars. on a couple of them i did a background meander.

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

close 4.jpg

close 5.jpg

close 6.jpg

I have been watching some Jamie Wallen videos. so, the borders got his cross-hatching. he starts at the ends and works toward the middle.


Then you leave a space in the middle and put something special in there.  i did some feathers...working from the inside out.


And feathers in the corners, too....working from the outside in.


Back is a dark brown with leaves that was in the stash.


Glide on the top....a weird color....kind of salmon...kind of gold....Bottom Line in the bobbin....a copper color.

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