Saturday, December 20, 2014

Applique Alphabet baby quilt

This quilt top is credited to my friend, Brenda. Alice says i cannot call it has to be credit. haha

Brenda and I were digging through a tub of scrap fabrics at our quilt class last week. and Brenda said something to the effect.....there are some really nice soft florals in that box that would make a nice baby quilt. 

Well, i ignored her at the moment. then, came home and the thought hit me....and wouldn't let go.


I dug through the stash and pulled out the soft florals and cut 8" squares....2 of each. 

And did an applique alphabet with the embroidery machine. the outline of the letter i used a color of thread that matched the floral in the square.  used the same fabric for the letters as the border.

It is 46 x 53"

So, Brenda, here is your inspiration....and credit. haha

Another one for the to-be-quilted cabinet. i think i am real close to replacing all the tops i have quilted out of that cabinet in the last month. i better stop piecing and get to quilting.

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