Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tell it to the Stars top is finished

This is the result of the year long mystery quilt with Judy Laquidara at   
It was a fun quilt and i like it...but i had issues along the way. that pieced border gave me fits. and i have some wavy borders. i can quilt that out. haha

Note to self....don't use striped fabric for background

Note to self....don't use striped fabric for blocks

Note to self...don't use striped fabric in borders unless you are prepared to turn them in the proper directions.

Note to self...summary...don't use striped fabrics except for binding. haha

I don't care how careful i careful i sew....little tiny pieces are the death of me. pieced borders with lots of tiny pieces are not fun.

I don't know when it will get's going to live in the to-be-quilted cabinet. it might come up some time in 2015. 

Today i told myself i would not do the mystery for 2015. well, perhaps i'll just take a peek at it. or, maybe just print out the clues and see where it goes.  



Vicki W said...

Your stripes are so tonal that the directions really don't show. I admit that those border blocks about did me in!

Becky said...

Nice finish!! It looks great

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