Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I did not have sweet dreams with this quilt.  i started....and ripped it out....3 times before it worked for me. for some reason, Glide and Bottom Line threads would not work. Glide and So Fine didn't want to work.  finally changed to a different spool of Glide and used the So Fine and we were good.  sheesh!

Then....thread breakage several times. i am so not used to this nonsense. but it is done ..... and done is good.


Blocks done with my embroidery machine


46 x 60"


I love the sashing fabric....something that was in the stash at the time of piecing


Pieced January 24, 2013


Quilted December 9, 2014


Pale yellow Glide thread on top; gold So Fine on bottom


Baptist Fans compliments of Quiltazoid boards





Back is a brighter yellow that what shows


I got a bit of squishing of the fabric with the quilting of the baptist fans. i'm thinking because the background fabric of pale yellow was an inferior product...and the embroidery drew it up a bit also.

It is all girly. i was thinking as i was quilting it....gee, if you made another one and used pale blue thread on light green fabric....it could be for a boy. then i slapped myself around some and said...are you crazy!!!   it took almost 2 years to finish this little thing.  so, i'm over that.

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