Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Graffiti Art

My new obsession is to collect all kinds of 'junk'....plastic parts, wooden items, glass, metal.....anything i can use to create some graffiti art.

I want to cover an outside wall of the garage at the Duck. i will be able to see it from inside the house. it will also be seen from the street....might have to check with city code.  haha   i need to live in Philadelphia....they have LOTS of street art there and it looks fabulous.

Anyway, i am on a hunt....scouring thrift stores and junk shops. i have collected a few handfuls so far and sorted them into colors. i need lots more.

When you dig in the bottom of toy boxes you find lots of cool stuff.  i spent about an hour yesterday digging through 12 huge bins of toys in a new-to-me thrift store and found lots of goodies.

Blacks....rat, wheel, spiders, buckle, marble

Blue box...plastic discs, clothespins, teething key, balls, ring, necklace

Browns...lots of wooden beads and discs form a necklace. check out the buck..haha..a flower magnet, wooden dowel pins for shelves

Found some little flowers and food items made from clay

And some delicates...silver paper stars, seashells, flowers

Lots of greens, soldier, teething toys, animals, tiny helmet

I believe these are Light Bright pegs....from a game of long ago. you put the pegs in holes to create a picture and turned it on and a light came on and shined through the colored pegs. 

Oranges include teething toys, dinosaur, rings, spider, one tiny flip flop, a jack

Pinks are sparse

Purples are kind of scary...alligator, frog, dinosaurs, teething toys

Lots of reds...magnets, ball, lady bugs, block, Santa faces

Found these cute little squares that look like they were part of a scrabble-type game....in a fuzzy purple bag.

Gold and silver also...keys, belt buckle, jingle bells, buttons, a little bucket, thimble, tiny tools

Even white things...dice, bowling pin, cross, dominoes, rabbit, ring

Nice bright yellows...teething toys, thimble, jacks, ring, clothespins

Can't wait to see what else i can find. can hardly wait till the weekend so i can go out and see if i can score more goodies. 

Got goodies in your junk drawer....in the bottom of the kids toy box....don't throw them out...send them to me.....i'll glue them to the wall. hahaha

I will probably add mosaic tile pieces to all of this, too. not sure yet what my art will look like. i am saving pics of things that i like to get inspiration. i need to go to Philadelphia....they have lots of street art that is awesome.

Graffiti art....street art....whatever you call it.....i'm gonna make some.

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Jim Bruner said...

Installing junk kiddie trinkets on a outside wall of the garage ?? Wow !

Glad I am not moving from the Farm. LOL !!!

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