Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blue and White Country

This is just child size...48x60"....but it took over a year to finish.  pieced 12/18/13...quilted 12/30/14


Half of the blocks are machine embroidered...

emb 1.jpg

emb 2.jpg

emb 3.jpg

emb 4.jpg

emb 5.jpg

emb 6.jpg

And the other half are just fabric blocks. here are 3 of them.

block 1.jpg

block 2.jpg

block 3.jpg

And the back ... almost makes me dizzy


Top thread was a light blue Glide; bobbin was a So Fine aqua

Quilted with the baptist fan boards again...just because they were still on the table and i was too lazy to change to something else....and they go fast. haha

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