Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Double Sided Alphabet quilt - front side

This one is a bit unusual....and i am going to do it in two posts....since there are way too many pictures for one post. 

The blocks are 14"...i knew i had to make the blocks large to get all the stuff on there. i didn't think about how large the quilt would be. hahaha   so it became double sided.

Here is the front


And the first half of the alphabet..


If the letter stood for a color....like Blue...then i used that in the background, too.


Sometimes the background is for the letter, too....candy corn












This is the alternate block


So Fine champagne in the bobbin and a Glide that matched that color in the top. Quiltazoid boards that look like giant fat Es. 

I made the border on the back side larger than the front so i could match it up easier. by the time i got to the bottom, i was only off less than 1/2"...not bad i don't think.  although all the things are fused on, i had stitched around them on the back side of the quilt. i didn't want anything to catch while quilting. some were done by hand and some by machine. now i am thinking that i need to stitch around the ones on the front, also. it will be a little trickier since it is quilted....that will be my evenings hand work for the next week or so. i had originally thought that i would quilt around everything on the front and then realized that really wouldn't work well because of the back...duh!  so, time to do a little hand work.

Stay tuned for side 2

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