Friday, December 19, 2014

Heart Strings Blocks

I have spent the last 4 evenings making string quilt blocks for the Heart Strings Project.  i learned of this project on Mary Johnson's blog. she is working with a group of women who make quilts and donate them to veterans, homeless people, ill children, and anyone who needs some love. there are dozens of organizations that they have helped.

So, far i have made 48 blocks....which is one set. these are just a few of the blocks.

Their requirements are to use a 10" foundation and then trim it to 9 1/2".  and the center strip should be the same color or similar....i used a dark blue. my other strips are alternates of reds and browns.

I will send in this set tomorrow and see how they like them. but i am pretty sure they will be ok. i have already started on another set...with red center strips.

You can make a set of 48 or just a few blocks if you would like to participate in their project. you can go to Mary's blog to read all about it.

Now i'm off to go sew more strips.

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