Tuesday, December 23, 2014

UFO #9 String Blocks

My newest piecing marathon is making string blocks for the Heart Strings Project. 

This was UFO #9 .... string blocks. i had 8 of them made...and foundations cut for 48.  they were originally 12 inches, but i cut them down to 10 inches so i could finish them up and send them in to the Heart Strings Project.

They have black centers and are very scrappy. here are some of them. this is how i would set them if i was keeping them. there are 48 of them in all.


Even though they are not pieced together, i am counting this as a finished project since they will be mailed for the project and finished in Minnesota and then donated to a needy person. this project served two purposes....got a UFO finished.....and got sent for a Heart Strings Quilt.


i have finished 2 sets of 48 in 8 days...they go very quickly. it is my evening entertainment.  the next set will be red centers with black and white strips....starting tonight. haha

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