Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fish Scales

This is what happens when you don't pay attention.

I cut a bunch of blocks to play in Vicki Welsh's Drunkards Path quilt along. the first ones i cut were fused with something that was too thick and i couldn't sew them together and get them to lay flat.

So, cut more and sewed them down....no fusing....and played with placement. then realized that i had only cut them one way and didn't have any of the opposite blocks. at this point, i was frustrated with the whole mess and put it away....this is how UFOs are born in my house.

Well, a few days ago i got them back out and decided i needed to do something with them or throw the whole mess out. so this is what i got.


Piecing started on October 4, 2014 and got finished today, December 23, 2014. 

They look like fish scales to me....i need to look for a panto with fish and water on it. i do have one with seashells...that might work. 


It is 39x49".  would have been bigger, but the rest of the brown was used for something else in the meantime...only have enough of it to bind it with. so, once again, it is what it is. this is like my least favorite pattern, so i am happy that i actually finished it and made something of it. it might even get quilted soon. 

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