Saturday, December 27, 2014

SHARK!! .... fins and teeth

You might recognize this as the former Fish Scales....but since Robin's dh said it looked like shark fins instead....i had to change it....he was right.  haha


It is 38 x 48" .... baby size but not sure a mom would want sharks on her baby's quilt. haha

I looked through my pantos and actually found one with fish that i forgot i had. i used red Glide thread on the top but don't know how much you can see it in this pic.


After i did the panto i went back and sewed over 2 of the sharks a few more times so they would show up better. and gave one teeth. haha


I actually had a fish print for the back, too. i ordered....i THOUGHT.....1/4 yard of this.....but got a yard. i guess i messed up ordering. but it was put to good use here.

back close.jpg

Yellow Bottom line in bobbin. 

This was started in October of this year for Vicki Welsh's Drunkard's Path quilt along. but i had issues with it and did stupid things and it became a UFO for a little bit. but today it was quilted so that is good. perhaps the shortest time something was a UFO in this house. 

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Sharon said...

Super fun quilt! Love the shark quilting.

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